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FIV in Cats treated with acpuncutre and herbal medicine Houston Animal Acupuncture and HerbsTraditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) focuses on balance. In my practice, I see many FIV patients - some with a complex set of medical conditions and some which are symptom free.  TCVM balances the body and addresses any complex conditions as well. A TCVM exam evaluates the body just like a 'Western type' exam, but also evaluates things like tongue color and pulse to determine how the body can be best maintained.

Acupuncture along with Chinese herbs can very useful.  In TCVM, the diet you feed is 'food therapy'. Think of an Olympic athlete - they have a diet that is catered to their
particular  needs. This would be the same in any TCVM patient.

(Right) Tonk is treated with acupuncture four times yearly for his FIV.  His owner reports Tonk continues to do  well.